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Rush Royale Decks - Who are we?

We are a fan project of the mobile game Rush Royale, launched on May 28, 2021, and since then, we have been actively supporting this project. We are not directly affiliated with Rush Royale in any way.

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We sincerely appreciate your any support, thank you for any of your contributions!

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We are glad to any active blogger and will gladly place it with us, we place it completely free of charge, without any conditions, contact us: t.me/SinigamiLina

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We are open to promotional offers and will be happy to cooperate, we have already carried out many interesting integrations, and have formed a little experience, please contact us: t.me/SinigamiLina

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If you are the copyright holder of this or that material located on the rushroyaledecks.net website and do not want it to continue to be freely available, then we are ready to assist in removing this material, as well as discuss the conditions for providing this content to users. Contact us: t.me/SinigamiLina


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